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Roca Asociados Lawyers and Economists is a firm founded in 1995 by Rafael Roca García, which has grown to have the largest team of professionals and a solid reputation in advising both companies and individuals, earning their loyalty to the years with the excellence of its services.

In 2009, the firm expanded and strengthened the field of global business consultancy with the incorporation of a team of tax economists in the Tax, Financial and Accounting area.

Roca Asociados


Success stories

True to the pillars and values on which the firm is based, we publish a selection of cases we have won as a sample of our daily work.

Companies and individuals who have turned to Roca Asociados for answers to their problems, have successfully addressed their needs and seen the light thanks to the personalized advice we have provided.

Learn about some of the most outstanding successes or find the one that best reflects your needs.

A franchise company took on a new financial partner, which paid a large sum to acquire 51% of the company’s capital and pay out a premium to the existing partners.

However, the company had many shareholders and one of the new partner’s essential conditions was to deal with only one person.

Through a stock swap and a shareholders’ agreement, we managed to get the existing partners to group all their shares in a single company, so that the operation could be carried out satisfactorily.

At Roca & Asociados, we have filed lawsuits to defend the interests of bank customers, both individuals and companies, worth several tens of millions of Euros, to void unfair clauses (for example: ‘floor’ clauses and registration expenses, and notary, bank and management fees), related to abusive interest rates, revolving credit cards, shareholders of Banco Popular, Landsbankinn, Kaupthing, Royal Bank of Scotland, Credit Suisse, etc., and other complex financial products such as loan contracts referenced to unlisted stocks. In this sense, as a success story that serves as an example, it is worth mentioning a lawsuit filed by a company represented by our firm against Caixa Penedès / Banco Mare Nostrum (now Bankia SA) for the ‘collar bonificado’ type of loan, which has a cap interest rate and a floor interest rate. The ruling voided the loan and required compensation of approximately €25 million due to lack of a binding offer and failure to duly inform customers beforehand, lack of transparency, error in consent, and for imposing clauses without negotiation and abusing a position of power, among other issues related to bank malpractice. After more than two years of litigation, a preliminary ruling was obtained declaring the loans null and void, which was upheld by the Provincial Court of Barcelona upon appeal by the financial institution. At Roca & Asociados we also specialize in handling the tax obligations that arise from the sums obtained by our clients in this type of lawsuit.

An industrial businessman found himself in a situation in which he was carrying out several business activities through a single company, which additionally held all his real estate assets, with the resulting risk this entailed.

We set up a holding company and restructured the company by creating an entity for each of the activities carried out, as well as a property holding company to protect the real estate assets. 

A client of the firm found himself as the main creditor of a bankrupt company with no assets. Through the receivership, reviewed the company’s financial statements and discovered a corporate scheme used to strip assets from the bankrupt company and avoid paying creditors.

Through the corresponding legal actions, both in bankruptcy and criminal proceedings, we recovered significant amounts of money for the company so that creditors could be paid. 

We led and advised on the bankruptcy process for all the franchises in Catalonia of one of the main English language teaching franchisors, negotiating with creditors and employees to close down the companies.

An important educational company was considering transferring licensing rights to another business.

However, given the tax regime for educational entities, the acquiring entity couldn’t deduct the VAT resulting from the transfer, which was a significant amount, and this was hindering the operation.

In order to carry out this transaction, we provided a company with the licensing rights and the subsequent transfer of the shares, thus avoiding the application of VAT and eliminating the existing pitfall. 


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